A commercial roof installed correctly and covered with a durable membrane can last up to 40 years, which sounds like building owners/ managers can sit back and relax about it for a very long time.

However, in reality, lots of things can happen, as the time goes, so here are five commercial roofing issues that should be watched out for:

Faulty installation

The installation of any type of roof plays an essential role in its lifespan and future performance. Substandard installation will generate various roofing issues from day one.

Ponding water

Most commercial roofs are flat systems, therefore they need adequate drainage. Ponding water is very risky, because it may find its way in more easily.

Water leaks

Leaks are a huge problem, regardless the type of the roof, and must be fixed immediately, no matter how insignificant the water intrusion appears to be, or else they may cause structural damage.

Damaged cover

Single-ply membranes are the best materials used for covering flat commercial roofs nowadays, but sometimes, if they do not adhere properly to the substrate, the roof will be at risk of tenting or blowing off. Besides, although membranes are resistant and flexible, the impact with something such as a tree branch or other storm debris, as well as the human traffic can cause damage.

Poor Maintenance

It doesn`t matter the type of the roof – commercial roofing Fort Worth contractors affirm that periodic maintenance is a must, otherwise building owners will experience premature roof damage and insurance problems, when they need to make a claim.

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