Fort Worth roofers fix roof leaks

Roof leaks can be caused by many things, some of them are unavoidable, such as storms or heavy snowing, but there are many that are easy to prevent – here are some avoidable causes of leaks:

  • Cracked flashing – the role of the stripes of material installed around roof openings and in roof valleys is to prevent the penetration of water. Experienced roofers in Fort Worth confirm that cracking is a common problem with roof flashing, one that can cause severe leaking, but also one that is easy to avoid through regular inspections and replacement;
  • Broken shingles or tiles – any roof covering component that is cracked or broken will let water through. To avoid the issue, inspect your roof regularly, especially after storms and replace any damaged component right away;
  • Clogged gutters – if the way of the water is obstructed by a clog in the gutter, the resulting improper drainage can cause leaks to appear. The solution is to inspect and to clean your gutters regularly;
  • Tree limbs fallen onto the roof – all roofs are sensitive to strong impact, regardless of the materials they are made from. While some forms of impact, such as the impact caused by hail, cannot be prevented, you can surely prevent the impact caused by fallen branches by regularly inspecting and trimming the large old trees that surround your building.
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