5 Easy-To-Avoid Reasons for Roof Leaks

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Roofing

Not all roof leaks are caused by devastating storms or by other forms of mechanical impact that cannot have been avoided. Here are five causes that you can avoid easily:

  • Worn flashing – even the thinnest hairline crack that develops in the stripes of material intended to reinforce sensitive roof areas, such as roof valleys or the areas around roof openings can let water through. The remedy is to check your flashing regularly and to replace damaged stripes;
  • Clogging in the gutters and in the downspouts – clogged pipes cannot direct water safely away from your building, putting lots of stress on the roof and eventually leading to leaks. The remedy is simple: check and scrape your gutters regularly;
  • Damaged roof covering – a cracked or punctured roof surface lets water through, so check your roof regularly and replace the damaged components; Call an established Fort Worth roofing contractor immediately if this situation occurs.

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  • Cracks in the mortar seals – these issues can be equally caused by extreme weather as well as by foot traffic on the roof. The problem is best remedied by a professional roofer and best avoided by not stepping on the roof anymore;
  • Damage caused by prolonged exposure to moisture – airborne debris tends to accumulate on roofs. The dirt, dust, dried leaves, feathers and other debris that gathers on your roof will absorb moisture from the air and will keep that moisture in, damaging the roof surface underneath. The best way to avoid the problem is through roof cleaning performed at least twice a year, once in spring and once again at the end of fall.