An Overview on Metal Roofing Shingles

by | Nov 14, 2020 | Roofing

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Metal shingles combine the classic look of traditional tiles with steel strength, for long-lasting protection.


Resistance over time

Modern products are made of structural steel with superior zinc protection, which also ensures the color resistance over time in front of the harmful action of environmental factors. A metal tile roof installed according to Fort Worth roofing company metal installation specialist recommendations should have the same lifespan as the building itself, which means at least 50-60 years. Metal tiles are resistant to rain, wind, snow, algae and mildew.


Its strength and light weight make a metal tile roof the favorite competitor for the title of “best roof”. On a roof of 200 sqm, a metal roof will add about 1,000 kg on its structure, compare with 10,000 kg in the case of ceramic tiles.

Perfect combination

Metal tiles profiles intertwine perfectly which ensures maximum protection against water infiltration.


Metal tiles match almost any architectural style, being suitable for both traditional and modern projects.

Extended warranty

The warranty granted by the producers covers the risks of discoloration, exfoliation and perforation by corrosion, in case of defects of raw material.

Fire resistance

Metal tiles are not combustible, therefore using this roofing material will not influence the fire resistance class of the roofs.