roofing material asphalt shingles samples of various colors

Asphalt is a versatile material that has numerous great qualities to make it an excellent material for roofing shingles. According to the best Fort Worth roofing contractors, asphalt shingles have been popular among roofers and homeowners for the excellent properties and features they offer – here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Lightweight roofing – asphalt shingles are among the lightest roofing materials available today, making them the perfect solution for buildings that cannot hold up the weight of heavier roofing.
  • Long life – entry-level shingles can live for around 20-30 years, while higher-end products are warranted for even longer.
  • Durability – asphalt shingles can resist strong winds, heavy rain, even thick and heavy snow, making the material suitable for any climate.
  • Energy efficiency – asphalt shingles have excellent isolating properties, being able to reduce the energy costs of the building they are installed on.
  • Great looks – asphalt shingles come in a very wide range of colors and textures, so homeowners can easily find the perfect fit for the overall looks of their building.
  • Easy installation – asphalt shingles can be installed without any special tools or experience.
  • Cost – asphalt is a cheap material, so property owners can benefit from the excellent quality offered by the shingles without having to face high costs.
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