What Causes Dry Rot in Roofs?

by | May 21, 2018 | Roofing

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Dry rot is a form of timber decay that causes the wood to crack and to powder. The damage is caused by a fungal infestation and it appears in poorly ventilated areas where moisture accumulates in the air and becomes absorbed in the wood.

The fungus that causes dry rot feeds on wood and needs a moist environment to proliferate. The roof areas that are especially prone to developing dry rot are the places where the wood components have not been properly treated with paint or rot-prevention coating, where wood meets the wall or wherever a vertical structure meets a horizontal one. The infestation can also occur where you previously had a roof leak or in areas exposed to an excessive quantity of water, such as around gutters and downsprouts.

There are many signs that can indicate the presence of dry rot on a roof. In the initial stage, the damage manifests in the form of discoloration on the roof’s wooden components, such as on the support beams underneath the roof. In more severe cases, dry rot causes the wood to crack and to flake, until the fungus eats up so much of the wood that only soft wood powder is left.

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