Heat losses and higher heating and cooling costs, water infiltration during rainy and snow melting periods, noise from the outside, on windy or stormy nights – here are some of the problems you face when your attic is not insulated.

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Material options

Although mineral wool is the most popular, it is not the only solution to insulate your attic. You can also opt for cellulose insulation, polystyrene insulation or polyurethane foam. Candid roofers Fort Worth associates affirm that the choice is usually made depending on the place of application of the insulating layer, your budget available for this project, the necessary thermal protection and the destination of the space arranged directly under the roof (living space/ storage space).

Basalt mineral wool

The best thermal insulation, whether we are talking about the attic or the rest of the house, will be obtained with basalt mineral wool. It is a fireproof and hydrophobic material, delivered in the form of rigid mattresses.

If you opt for mineral wool insulation with aluminum foil, it is good to know that this option also works as a vapor barrier, stopping the penetration of water into the house. Basalt wool costs more and has a weight almost double than glass wool, so it is good to take this factor into account when loading structures.

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