Commercial Roofers in Fort Worth Addressing TPO Concerns

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Commercial roofing

Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) roofing is a popular choice for commercial buildings due to its durability, energy efficiency, and ease of installation. However, like any roofing material, TPO roofs can develop issues that need attention. When addressing TPO concerns, it’s important to consult with experienced commercial TPO Fort Worth roofers.

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Here are some common TPO concerns and how commercial roofers might address them:

Leaks and Water Intrusion

Commercial roofers will conduct a thorough inspection to identify and repair any leaks. This may involve inspecting seams, flashing, and TPO membrane integrity. Repairs can include the use of TPO-compatible sealants or patches.

TPO Seam Issues

TPO roofs are typically installed with heat-welded seams. If seams are coming apart or not properly welded, commercial roofers will reheat-weld or replace the affected sections to ensure a watertight seal.

Punctures and Tears

If the TPO membrane has punctures or tears, roofers may use TPO patches or, in some cases, replace the damaged sections to maintain the integrity of the roof.

UV Degradation and Weathering

To address UV degradation, roofers may recommend applying a UV-resistant coating or using reflective roofing materials. This helps protect the TPO membrane from the damaging effects of sunlight and extends its lifespan.

Membrane Shrinkage

If the TPO membrane has experienced shrinkage, it may pull away from seams or flashings. Roofers will reattach the membrane or, in severe cases, replace affected sections to ensure proper coverage.