Roofing Products Promoted by Fort Worth Roofing Companies

Fort Worth roofing companies make the best recommendations regarding the best materials to enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting, beautiful roofing system for a very long time.

Fort Worth roofing companies can come up with the best suggestions in terms of materials. The materials the company recommends usually withstand harsh weather, have the right pitch and have reasonable costs.

Fort Worth roofing companies

For example, asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing products. They are perfect for almost any kind of climate. At the same time, they have a longer lifespan in case they are properly maintained.

Another good solution is that of composite asphalt shingles. They are made of a fiberglass sheet and coatings on each side. The side which is exposed to outside weather conditions is most often coated.

Metal roofing is another great option. This roofing system is easy to maintain and only needs repainting in case they get dull in color. Custom gutters can be another great addition to this type of roofing system.

Wood roofing is another popular choice in terms of materials. It has the benefit of being a natural material and contributing to the overall curb appeal of your house. These are some roofing products promoted by seasoned Fort Worth roofing companies.

Keeping Track of Home Insulation – Where Does Your House Lose the Most Heat?

When you want to make sure that your house is properly insulated and that it doesn’t lose head in key areas that would lead to overusing your HVAC, it’s a good idea to be as careful as possible. You have to check the main areas in your home, like your attic and rooms that are close to the outer walls and corners, and you have to consult a specialist to know exactly how much insulation you should add to keep saving money while getting the results you want.

roofers in Fort Worth experienced with attic insulation criteria

The most qualified roofers in Fort Worth will tell you to check the temperature in your attic and make sure you check the recommendations and standards for the amount of insulation you need depending on the climate and area you live in. However, this isn’t always conclusive.

The best practice you can make is to use a sensitive thermometer to actually test and see how quickly the temperature becomes lower in different areas of your home. That way, you can compare them while keeping track of the amount of insulation you have.

While the results are likely to be similar to what experts have told you, not all areas might need the same amount of insulation. Some rooms might paradoxically need more even though they are placed closer to interior walls, while for other, less frequently used areas, you might just want to seal them off from the rest of your home and keep the temperature inside colder instead of wasting energy warming them up.

How the Slope of Your Roof Impacts Your Home and Choice of Roofing Materials

roof pitch

The slope of your roof definitely has an impact on your home and the choice of the roofing materials.

First, it is the aspect: average roof pitch range from 4/12 to 8/12, so we can talk about flat roofs (or low sloped roofs, considering that they do have a small pitch too, invisible for the eye), roofs with medium pitch as well as roofs with steep pitch.

Flat roofs are still the most popular choice for commercial buildings, although their popularity on residential buildings is on the rise, considering modern construction styles and trends. You cannot install conventional shingles on flat roofs, because they would not be efficient in draining off the water. There are all kind of membranes as well as standing seam metal roofing that can be used on those roofs with low pitch. Fort Worth CLC Roofing Inc. can further explain options.

Roofs with medium pitch can easily accommodate asphalt or composite shingles. As for steep pitched roofs (for example those seen on Victorian houses), they will be very well protected by slate shingles or wood shakes (although they are great when it comes to efficiency and durability, these materials are not that suitable for medium pitched roofs because they do not lay as flat as asphalt shingles and do not lock together as tightly either).

What is a GAF Roofing System?

GAF is a roofing manufacturer founded in 1886 and which has become the largest in North America. It produces commercial and steep-slope roofs and works with a large network of certified Fort Worth roofers.

GAF is committed to a few principles: roofing solutions made simple, advanced quality and industry expertise. The company developed advanced protection shingle technology, as well as asphalt and single-ply membranes providing superior durability and energy-efficiency.

If you opt for a GAF roofing system and install Lifetime Shingles as well as qualifying GAF accessories, you can get a Lifetime warranty. This will provide you peace of mind knowing that you benefit from superior, long-term protection. Working with GAF’s factory-certified Fort Worth roofers, the coverage before the warranty is prorated gets extended to 50 years, while installed quality (workmanship) is extended to 20 years; this is significantly more than what you will get from regular companies.

And besides these numbers, there is a better roof for you, not just marketing tactics, which is the main advantage of choosing GAF.

Roofing contractors certified as GAF Master Elite® Contractors have adequate licenses, insurance, proven reputation and are committed to ongoing professional training and evaluation, to meet and maintain GAF standards, proving an ongoing commitment to quality.

Fort Worth roofers install quality roofs

When Should I Replace My Roof?

A good roof has a long service life, while preserving its properties and characteristics. But what is a good roof? This attribute mainly refers to quality materials, professional installation and careful execution of the work. If these aspects are met, the roof can easily stand for half a century and even longer, providing great protection and peace of mind.

But sometimes things are not that great. If you replace your roof because it reached the end of its life span, that`s ok. However, sometimes people must replace their roof sooner than expected, because of different problems they experience and which are indicators that the performance of the roof may be beyond repair.

  • The appearance of cracks in the roofing materials- a wrong installation of the cover, at a too low temperature or performed by amateurs, can lead to the appearance of cracks that allow water infiltrations, which will deteriorate the structure, decrease the resistance of the roof and compromise it slowly. If these problems are not identified and repaired in time, there will be not much you can do to save your roof, so you will need to consider a replacement.
  • Corrosion – this occurs in the case of low quality metal roofs that are not properly ventilated to be protected against condensation.
  • Using roofing materials that are not suitable for your geographical position.

The best thing to do is hire a trusted Fort Worth roofing contractor to install your roof, inspect, maintain, and repair your roof annually. Fort Worth roofing contractor


The Benefits of Choosing Creative But Classic Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior

Choosing a new color scheme for your home exterior is fraught with uncertainties. This is especially true if you want your home to stand tall and look proud while you look for a buyer to get it off your hands. The main issue is that most traditional homes don’t look too great when you try to mix their classic design with edgy, modern colors and textures.

One of the best ways to circumvent that problem is by choosing creative but classic color schemes such as crimson and brown or various shades of light green, gray and light brown. Of course, these are just a few examples, and you’ll find a plethora of classic color schemes to choose from. You will want to make sure that your roof color compliments the home exterior color. Skilled Fort Worth roofing contractors have experience and knowledge in making sure your home curb appeal is enhanced by roofing choices. Ask them for their opinion!

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There are a number of reasons why selecting these color choices might benefit you during a home sale:

  • They will actually stand out in the crowd when comparing your home with other houses in the neighborhood.
  • They’ll create a type of traditional allure that most people will feel at home with.
  • They are quite familiar, and many buyers will compliment them simply because of that.
  • You’ll also find that they withstand the test of time no matter how the trends change.

As you can see, selecting the right color scheme is usually just a matter of getting creative with what already exists and is established as the best classical choice. Just ask your local painters, and they will definitely agree with this statement.