Dealing with Wind Damage – What Can Wind Do to a Roof?

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Property Maintenance

Wind and storm damage are typically seen as possible issues one might have with an older roof. However, even if your roof is brand new, strong winds can still affect it to a great extent. Wind damage is one of the most destructive elements that can affect roofing systems, almost regardless of the material and the condition they might be in. It’s true that a more resilient and newer roof might have a better chance at staying intact, but that doesn’t negate the danger or the need to observe preventive maintenance methods that can help avoid any damage.

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A powerful storm or a hurricane will typically involve strong winds that can tear off pieces of flashing and even entire shingles. If you have any roof or cracked shingles, and the weather forecast is predicting strong winds over the next few days, it might be a good idea to check on them and have seasoned roofers in Fort Worth do a few quick repairs before a storm hits.

Another way wind can affect your roof is by blowing leaves and branches onto it, sometimes even leading to large branches breaking off of nearby trees and falling on top of your home. This is a more serious issue, and even if your roof isn’t damage by it, you’ll find that it’s still a good idea to check on your roof and gutter system and make sure everything is in good order.