Does Roofing in Fort Worth Cover Warranty Issues?

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Commercial roofing

Warranties represent one of the most important factors in choosing roofing materials and installing companies. But are you really 100% covered when you choose a roof that comes with a 30-50-year warranty?

CLC Roofing Inc.

Choosing quality materials from reputable manufacturers as well as a professional Fort Worth roofing company like CLC Roofing Inc. for the installation of your roof will prevent most warranty issues. However, this also requires that the roof be properly maintained on a regular basis, also by professional roofers.

The roof must be kept clean – more precisely, the drainage system should not be blocked by dirt, vegetation and debris. If the water does not drain properly, you may experience all sorts of problems that will lead to premature deterioration of the roof. Additionally, the roof must be inspected for vulnerabilities and damage, on a regular basis. The permanent exposure to the elements may cause different problems and it is preferable to detect them while they are minor and easy to repair.

For a roofing company in Forth Worth to cover warranty issues, you must first make sure that the company is licensed, otherwise any warranty certificate or signed contract will not have legal value, which means that you will not be compensated, in case of problems.