Fast Fort Worth Roofers – Repairing Your Flat Roof After a Storm

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Commercial roofing

The right roofers can make a world of difference after the enormous stress placed on a structure after a severe storm. Weather damage affects roofs and the entire structure, rafters, sheathing, and ceiling joists. Fort Worth Roofers should be called to assess the damage to get the right solutions quickly.

The basics of repairing your flat roof post-storm

Flat roofs are a standard installation in the Fort Worth area and will suffer more damage with a severe storm than other roof designs. Repairs can range from easy fixes like re-sealing seams to complex restoration projects. In any case, these areas need to be addressed first:

  • Check for leaks – Sealing any existing water leaks is essential, and sealing them can prevent further damage. This should be done as soon as it is safe to access the rooftop.
  • Inspect seams and caulk – Flashing around vents, pipes, and valleys and caulking around seams and gutter and edge sealants should be surveyed and applied if needed.
  • Access attic and roof deck – Ensure that both the attic and roof deck are inspected, and check for water spots, mold, or debris.
  • Check gutters – Cleaning debris from the gutters is part of any roof inspection and repair and should be done to aid in proper drainage and maintenance.

Secure your roof for the next storm

Once a Firm Fort Worth Roofer fixes your roof, they can provide insight into how to secure it better against severe storms in the future. Consulting a repair flat roofing Fort Worth professional will help you understand your options and how to create a longer-lasting roof that can withstand future strong winds and driving rains.