Fort Worth Roofing Solutions for Low Income Families

by | Nov 14, 2021 | Roofing

Having your home protected by a good roof is essential for people`s safety and comfort. Without an efficient roof, the entire building is exposed to the elements, and there will be water infiltration and moisture that will create A LOT of damage, deeply affecting the inhabitants` lives and even compromising the entire structure.

Therefore, there is no choice but making sure your roof is always in good shape. However, repairing the roof and, most of all, replacing it are very expensive projects – almost impossible for low income families.

“Almost” impossible, because the city of Fort Worth has a Priority Repair Program created especially for these families in need of all kind of home repairs.

There are emergency repairs (priority one), such as gas line breaks and leaks, water and sewer line breaks and inoperable heating systems, as well as non-emergency repairs (priority two), including mechanical system failures (electrical system failures, roof damage etc.)

To be eligible, your home must be located in Fort Worth and meet the repair criteria (your home will be inspected by Priority Repair Program technicians). Also, your total household income cannot be higher than 60% of the local median income.

To find out if you are eligible, contact an honest Fort Worth roofing contractor familiar with the Priority Repair Program.