Fort Worth Roofing Solutions for Older Homes

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Roofing

Roofing for old homes involves two important aspects. In the case of some buildings, it is about preserving their vintage appearance and style, so an ultra-modern-looking roof would not fit at all. On the other hand, old houses can have more fragile structures, even more so if they have never been consolidated. Therefore, a lightweight roof is needed in order to prevent putting more pressure on the resistance structure.

Fortunately, leading Fort Worth roofing contractors assure us that the roofing market abounds with materials from which you can always choose the ones best suited to a certain type of project.Fort Worth roofing contractors

Here are a few Fort Worth roofing solutions suitable for older homes:

Wood Shingles

This roofing option has the beauty and authenticity that only natural materials can provide, so it is a great match for older buildings. It particularly complements rustic cottage styles. Wood shingles weigh about 2.4 lbm/ft2 (11.7 kg/m2), which makes them heavier than metal shingles but lighter than ordinary asphalt shingles and considerably lighter than ceramic/ concrete tiles and slate.


Slate complements amazingly any style, providing particular beauty and elegance. It is also undeniably expensive but, at the same time, the most durable roofing material. It provides great value for the money, but a slate roof can be installed only on a solid and consolidated resistance structure because it is very heavy, ranging from 9.1 lbm/ft2 (44.4 kg/m2) to 26.0 lbm/ft2 (127 kg/m2), depending on the thickness of the slate tiles.


Metal roofs are an excellent choice for older homes due to their being very lightweight and very resistant and durable at the same time. Besides, metal shingles are now manufactured with various finishes, complementing different styles.