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Metal Roofing

Fort Worth Metal Roofing

Lower your energy bill and beat the Fort Worth summer heat with a modern, attractive metal roof by CLC Roofing.

Made of long, solid pieces or smaller, overlapping shingles, metal roofing offers a wide array of choices to improve the quality of your home within your budget.

CLC Roofing has been helping Fort Worth families and businesses enjoy comfortable homes for years by installing metal roofing. Our experienced, knowledgeable roofers ensure you receive the maximum benefits of this expertly engineered roofing option, by installing it properly.

How Metal Roofing Can Save You Money

One study has shown that a properly installed metal roof can save families as much as 40% a year on costs of cooling their homes. These roofs prevent heat from entering your house three ways, including:

  • Reflecting much of the heat that hits your roof from the sun’s rays.
  • Actively pushing back much of the heat that does absorb into your roof, or reemitting it.
  • Making use of colors that prevent heat absorption, in particular white.

The result will be the ability to cool your home using less resources from your air-conditioner. Imagine a lower energy bill throughout the summer, or the ways you can use the money you’ve saved from an energy-efficient roof to grow your business or save for your family’s future.

Other Benefits of a Metal Roof

Because it is made from solidly-engineered aluminum or steel, this extremely hard roof surface lasts a long time. Some metal roofs can last for 50 or more years, compared with 12+ years for other roofing styles.

A large number of metal roofs are made of aluminum, which is also used to make everything from bicycles to NASA space ships because of its unique combination of light weight, durability and resistance to corrosion and rust. Even after many rainy nights, you can take comfort knowing your family is safe under the protection of a metal roof.

Metal roofs have unparalleled fire resistance, and stay solid even in the heat and ice. Another benefit of metal roofing is the possible home insurance discount.

Steel roofs are available in a wider price range, and because of their quality exterior coats, they too, will withstand the continued effects of weather for years while lowering your energy bill.

Let Us Help You Save Money with a Metal Roof

Whether you need a new roof for your home or business, CLC Roofing provides excellent choices as well as expert installation. We can work with you to find a style of roofing that best suits the look of your home or business, and that can save you money over time.

Call us today at 817-306-4567 to get started.

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