Home Maintenance Checklist to Get Ready for Winter

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Home Services

Winters are harsh not only on humans, but on buildings as well, which also means that your home needs to be prepared for the cold season the same way as you prepare your wardrobe or your rooms. Here are the most important home preparation tasks that you should handle before winter settles in:

  • Weatherproofing openings – your exterior doors and windows disrupt the continuity of your walls, weakening the insulation properties in the areas where the openings are located. Check the doors and the windows as well as the wall areas that surround them and seal any cracks and holes that you find;
  • Maintenance for your heating system – depending on the type of the system, inspect and clean the components and get your chimneys inspected and cleaned as well;

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  • Clean, inspect and repair your roof and your gutters – depending on where you live, the roof and the gutter pipes take a lot of beating from snow, ice and wind, so they need to be properly cleaned and strengthened before the first frost and the faults that you find need to be repaired, too; Quality Fort Worth roofing companies are the best choice when it comes to roof and gutter installation, maintenance, and repair.
  • Clean your landscape – prune and maintain your vegetation, too, paying special attention to the tree limbs that overhang the roof – if left unmaintained, large branches might break under the weight of the snow and cause serious damage to your building.