How a Fort Worth Roofing Contractor Inspects Your Roof for Damage

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Roofing

Inspecting the roof is an operation that each building owner must schedule at least once a year (preferably twice!) and which must be performed by a licensed Fort Worth roofing contractor.

This operation is a part of the regular maintenance program that every roof should go through periodically, so that owners can prevent overlooking costlier expenses.

Professional roofers perform the inspection according to the type of the roof and the materials it is made from. That’s because roofing materials have different properties, and damage doesn’t look the same.

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Here are a few basics on the most common roofs.

Asphalt shingles can be damaged by extensive sun exposure, in which case they become curled, brittle, and their aspect fades. They may also lose their protective granules, or be torn and detached by severe storms. Hail will make indentations or punctures on asphalt shingles.

When it comes to metal roofs, attentive Fort Worth roofing contractors check the joints and seams for dried out, peeling or loose caulk, which might favor corrosion.

Slate or clay tile roofing is the most durable solution, withstanding severe weather conditions up to a hundred years. However they too may be occasionally broken by hail, or by walking on them, so the roofing specialists will mainly look for cracks and chips, but also for signs of vegetation growth (moss and algae) that must be cleaned from the roof.