How a Hailstone can Bruise or Crack Roofing Shingles

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Roofing

Heavy hailstorms can certainly do a lot of damage to your roof’s shingles, such as leaks and further deterioration of the interior of your house. But the exact impact of hailstones may vary. One reason for this variation lies in the fact that hailstones may come in different sizes, from pebble sizes to as big as oranges or softballs.

If they are dense and have a sharper shape, tiny hailstones can still wreak havoc on your roof. The falling speed of hailstones is another detail which can be decisive for the degree of damage to one’s shingles.

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There are certain specific things to check after a hailstorm, to see whether your roof’s shingles got seriously damaged or not. The top layer of the roof shingles is the first part to look at. Hailstones which are sharp and larger in size usually tear into the upper shingles’ surface. This allows water to reach up to your roof’s deck. After a hailstorm, it is recommended that you seek out the expertise of a Fort Worth roofing company to assess the damage and repair as needed. This will help prevent further damage to your property.

Another less visible damage can be to your shingle mat. But when you inspect this part closer, you may notice some small black lines.

Hailstones can also get asphalt shingles bruised, and the signs of this type of damage only appear a few months or even a year later.