Winter is approaching fast, so you should prepare your house for the challenges of this season, to make sure that it will offer you all the comfort and protection you need in the following months.

Considering that the roof is one of the largest elements of the house and it is exposed directly to the elements, you must pay particular attention to its thorough inspection, prior to the arrival of the winter. You want to make sure that it is in good shape and there are no vulnerabilities that may turn to big problems exactly when you are least ready to deal with then – i.e. in the middle of the holiday season.trusted Fort Worth roofing companies help you prepare your roof for colder weatherWinterizing your roof should include the following operations:

  • Fixing the problems identified by trusted Fort Worth roofing companies who performed the inspection
  • Insulating your attic, or adding more insulation if it is already insulated but it could still use some more protection
  • Checking skylights – Skylights are roof penetrations, so they must be inspected carefully to make sure they are tightly sealed and do not allow water infiltration
  • Cleaning gutters and downspouts – A clogged drainage system will cause different problems in the cold season, from ice dam and icicles to water puddling in the foundation of your house, weakening it
  • Cutting tall vegetation around the house, especially trees whose branches have grown above or too close to the roof
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