Metal roofing is one of the few options offering sheer reliability. A metal roof will last for about 5 decades, which is much longer than a common roof covered with asphalt shingles. It requires only minimal maintenance and withstands even severe weather manifestations.

It would really take a lot of force to damage such a roof; even large hailstone will only create superficial damage – at least nothing that cannot be repaired.

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So yes, repairs may be necessary now and then, but they are not expected to be extensive. Professional Fort Worth roofers are fully equipped to deal with them before they get worse and your repair bills grow. Here are a few common issues that roofing specialists will check first, in the event of a leak:

  • Metal Roof Oxidization

This type of damage is caused by rust, which may appear when the protective layer of paint on metallic shingles gets scratched and water reaches the metal. Rust will weaken the shingles. Fortunately, this damage does not happen overnight, and professional roofers have many chances to identify it during inspections, remove the rust and re-treat the shingles with protective coating.

  • Mismatches between the lengths of the building’s rafter and of the metal panel

Metal panels should fit the home’s measurements perfectly, because openings in the horizontal seams will increase leak risks. Metal Fort Worth roofing contractors can fix this problem when it occurs and also recommend the application of a coating, to seal the roof.

  • Loose Flashing

The roof’s flashing is a weak point and requires special attention. If the professional roofers inspecting your metal roof notice signs of wear, they will easily replace the flashing.

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