roof pitch

The slope of your roof definitely has an impact on your home and the choice of the roofing materials.

First, it is the aspect: average roof pitch range from 4/12 to 8/12, so we can talk about flat roofs (or low sloped roofs, considering that they do have a small pitch too, invisible for the eye), roofs with medium pitch as well as roofs with steep pitch.

Flat roofs are still the most popular choice for commercial buildings, although their popularity on residential buildings is on the rise, considering modern construction styles and trends. You cannot install conventional shingles on flat roofs, because they would not be efficient in draining off the water. There are all kind of membranes as well as standing seam metal roofing that can be used on those roofs with low pitch. Fort Worth CLC Roofing Inc. can further explain options.

Roofs with medium pitch can easily accommodate asphalt or composite shingles. As for steep pitched roofs (for example those seen on Victorian houses), they will be very well protected by slate shingles or wood shakes (although they are great when it comes to efficiency and durability, these materials are not that suitable for medium pitched roofs because they do not lay as flat as asphalt shingles and do not lock together as tightly either).

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