How to Avoid Texas Roofing Scams

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Roofing

avoid roofing scams by hiring local commercial roofers Fort Worth

Texas gets lots of devastating storms each year, so every responsible homeowner needs the phone number of at least one reliable roofer on speed dial. Unfortunately, not all roofers who show up at your gate after a huge storm are honest, so here is how to make sure that the contractor you are planning to hire is reputable and trustworthy:

  • Check official information online – if your roof has been devastated by a storm, you are surely in a hurry to start the repair work, but you should take the time to carry out a quick check to verify the roofer offering you repair or replacement services. There are many professional and accredited organizations that offer important information about local commercial roofers in Fort Worth, so check the data available;
  • Get a written, signed cost estimate – don’t make a hasty decision, ask the roofer that you consider suitable to provide a written cost estimate for the roofing work. Collect several estimates, compare them and go with the one that seems the most reasonable and offers the best warranties. Prepare a simple contract that includes all the details in the cost estimate and get the roofer to sign it – the contractor’s willingness to sign the document is a sure sign of reliability.