storm damage repair Fort Worth roofing contractors

Hail can cause damage to your home, depending on its size and velocity. It is not always easy to identify hail damage, especially on the roof, so if you are not sure about what you are doing and what to look for, you should call storm damage repair Fort Worth roofing contractors.

You must consider performing an exterior checkup of your home after each severe hailstorm.

The roof is the most exposed part, so you must climb it and inspect different parts:

  • Shingles – hail damage will be more visible on older shingles as well as on some materials less resistant to impact. It may look like small holes, dents or even cracks, depending on the materials.
  • Vents, exhaust caps – these are made from soft metals that can also become visibly damaged by hail.
  • The pluvial system – make sure gutters and downspouts are till fixed properly. Also, if the hailstorm was severe, they may get clogged with ice, in which case you must unclog them, to prevent melted water from leaking down the walls instead of being evacuated away from the building.

Hail can also damage the building`s facade. In this case, inspection is easier, because most of the building is at your eye level or close to it and you can spot the damage more easily.

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