If you live in a wet area, surrounded by vegetation, you may experience the appearance and development of algae and mosses on the surface of the roof covering. According to CLC Roofing Inc. contractors, these problems appear on bituminous shingles, ceramic tiles, concrete tiles or stone-covered metal tiles. The formation of algae, and moss is caused by a bacterium called gloeocapsa magma; it is easily carried by the wind and it reaches and colonizes wet surfaces.

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Unfortunately, the formation and development of algae or moss deposits on the surface of the roof directly influences the real estate value of your house, due to the untidy aspect of the roof. In addition, they can highlight deficiencies in the efficiency of the roof, which can lead to more complex problems, over time.

In most cases, simply removing this type of vegetation from the roof prevents it from reappearing for a while.

Fortunately, algae and moss deposits can be removed relatively easily. DIY stores sell a wide variety of liquid biocidal solutions. Apply the biocidal or repellent treatment in favorable weather conditions (in the absence of wind and precipitation). Prior to applying the treatment, you should spray the plants in the immediate vicinity of the roof with water and protect them with tarpaulins that will prevent contact with the chemical solutions and their infiltration into the soil.

Do not forget to use protective equipment, suitable for working at height!

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