Dry rot is a bacterial infection that appears on roofs when the wooden components of the structure are simultaneously exposed to excessive warmth and moisture for prolonged periods. When natural wood comes into contact with moist heat, the surface of the material becomes a breeding ground for the invasive fungi that cause the wood to become brittle and cracked. If left neglected, the fungal infection can spread, causing large parts of wood to break down completely – a process that can lead to roof sagging or even to the collapse of the roof.

The principal signs of dry rot to look for include cracks, splits and discoloration, while the roof areas that are the most exposed to the risk of developing the issue include the areas where two wooden components are joined. The only way to repair dry rot and to stop it from spreading is to remove the damaged wood – if the affected area is small, pry off the damaged wood and treat the surface with epoxy resin and some anti-fungal substance; if the affected component is a load bearing one and it needs to be replaced, make sure that the roof is suitably supported until the replacement is complete.

To prevent dry rot from coming back, you need to ensure that the air in the area stays dry. Have Fort Worth roofing companies fix roof leaks. Have them check and repair your gutters as well as the roof vents to prevent moisture from being trapped in your attic.

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