How to Keep Your Roof Safe from Tree Damage

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Roofing

Tree damage is one of the country’s leading sources of roofing problems. If you don’t want to deal with the expense and hassle of having to fix your roof, it’s important to deal with tree damage before it happens and adopt every preventive measure you can think of.

So let’s say you own a home that is close to several large trees, which are growing on your property. What can you do to prevent the branches of those trees from damaging your roof during a strong storm or while the wind starts blowing at higher speeds?tree roof damage can be repaired by a Fort Worth roofing contractor

The most straightforward measure is to cut the most troubling branches. You can also examine your roof and the trees more frequently and determine whether the branch in question or any other branches might have grown large enough to become a threat.

Another measure is to have a Fort Worth roofing contractor install special coating and make sure that, in the event the branches might fall on your roof, they won’t cause too much damage.

Finally, to prevent this problem from appearing in the future, any trees you plant should be located at least 8-10 feet away from your home. That way, as they grow taller, you can let their branches grow without fearing that they might damage your roof.