How to Know if You Need a New Roof

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Home Services

Deciding whether your roof can still be repaired or it needs replacement is no easy task and the huge costs of roof replacement certainly makes homeowners postpone the project for as long as they can. If you have recently looked at your roof and you noticed some issues that pose potential threats, the best action to take is call CLC Roofing Inc. for further inspection. Here are the signs that indicate your roof is beyond repair and you need to prepare for the investment:

  • Shingle damage – asphalt shingles are great and durable roofing materials that can endure a lot. If you see a couple of shingles with curling edges, with granules missing or with blisters on the surface, don’t worry, you can easily replace the affected components, but if the damage has spread to affect most or all your shingles, complete replacement is necessary;

CLC Roofing Inc. can repair damaged roofs.

  • General sagging – roof replacement might be something that you will need soon if you see that the ridge line of the roof is no longer straight and the surface of the roof slopes have started to sag. The phenomenon indicates extensive structural damage, so the affected roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid the collapse;
  • Your roof is old and the owners of the homes in your area that were roofed at the same time as yours have started replacing their roofs.