water damage roof restoration

Roofing problems can come up just about any time. One of the most pressing matters has to do with roofing leaks, and is among the most difficult to take care of in some instances. But why are roofing leaks so problematic, and where can you find them? Let’s explore that matter a little further.

Roofing leaks happen primarily when shingles or flashing is damaged. The water seeping through the crack or hole can end up affecting the decking and seeping through to the attic. That can damage the attic insulation and even cause the water to reach the walls and ceiling below, so your entire home might be affected.

When first looking for roof leaks, the best place to search is the attic. That’s how you will realize whether or not the leak has spread to your home, since the attic will be the first location that will be affected. If you can’t find a leak in the attic, and you’ve examined all the interior walls, finding that there are no leaks inside the walls themselves, then it’s time to call in water damage restoration Fort Worth roofing contractors to climb up on the roof, inspect, and check the flashing.

A damaged flashing can be a big problem, because rain water can still reach the decking, damaging it and rotting it away slowly. As a result, fixing the flashing along with replacing any cracked, broken or missing shingles should be your first priority, even before a leak appears.

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