Inspecting Your Property After a Hail Storm

by | May 19, 2019 | Fort Worth Roofing Contractors

After each hailstorm, owners must inspect their property and identify potential damage. Depending on their size and traveling velocity, hail stones can cause different types of damage to buildings and yards.

hail damage repair by Fort Worth roofing contractors

The roof is the most exposed element of a building, therefore the inspection must always start with it. Hail damage may look a bit different depending on each type of roofing material. Sometimes, it is just about small cosmetic damage, while other times you can expect dents, bruises and even more massive damage. You should mark any impact sign you see, during your inspection, considering that each of these areas will require professional assistance and repairs by hail damage repair Fort Worth roofing contractors, because they represent roof vulnerabilities.

Other elements that have to be carefully inspected are gutters and downspouts. Look at the top, bottom and sides of the drainage system and mark visible impact damage.

The siding of your building can also be affected by hail, so walk up around your siding walls and inspect them carefully. Small siding damage may be very difficult to spot. Also, if you have a deck that faces clear sky, it will likely be damaged by hail too, so you may notice cracks or bruises. Do not ignore them, especially if your deck is made of softer materials like wood.

Finally yet importantly, inspect your yard and see what the hailstorm did to your vegetation and other landscaping elements.