Keeping Track of Home Insulation – Where Does Your House Lose the Most Heat?

by | Aug 15, 2020 | Construction

When you want to make sure that your house is properly insulated and that it doesn’t lose head in key areas that would lead to overusing your HVAC, it’s a good idea to be as careful as possible. You have to check the main areas in your home, like your attic and rooms that are close to the outer walls and corners, and you have to consult a specialist to know exactly how much insulation you should add to keep saving money while getting the results you want.

roofers in Fort Worth experienced with attic insulation criteria

The most qualified roofers in Fort Worth will tell you to check the temperature in your attic and make sure you check the recommendations and standards for the amount of insulation you need depending on the climate and area you live in. However, this isn’t always conclusive.

The best practice you can make is to use a sensitive thermometer to actually test and see how quickly the temperature becomes lower in different areas of your home. That way, you can compare them while keeping track of the amount of insulation you have.

While the results are likely to be similar to what experts have told you, not all areas might need the same amount of insulation. Some rooms might paradoxically need more even though they are placed closer to interior walls, while for other, less frequently used areas, you might just want to seal them off from the rest of your home and keep the temperature inside colder instead of wasting energy warming them up.