Most Common Roof Repairs Completed by DIYers

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Home Services

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Roofing repair is considered by many homeowners to be an easy task, carried out with simple materials and easy-to-use tools, but the process usually involves work done in awkward positions and always at height, so only the DIYers who are really comfortable moving on roofs should attempt such repairs. Very complex repairs should also be left to the most experienced roofers Fort Worth has. Here are the types of roof repair work that you can safely attempt:
– Identifying and repairing small leaks – a small leak caused by a displaced tile or a torn shingle is not very difficult to repair, but pay special attention to your own safety and attempt the repair only if you can anchor yourself safely and if you are wearing suitable work protection clothes. Start looking for the leak source looking up at the roof from the attic – most holes and continuity issues can be seen from under the roof;
– Flashing repair – the stripes of protective material installed around roof openings, such as skylights or chimneys is not very difficult either, but it requires the same personal safety measures and equipment as leak repair;
– Gutter cleaning and repair – these repairs can usually be carried out standing on a safely anchored ladder, so they should not pose any difficulties, provided you don’t suffer from a fear of heights.