new construction in Fort Worth TX

If you are currently in the process of creating the design of your new home in Fort Worth and you want to make sure that the roof performs well in the scorching Texas sun, here are a few ideas from top quality Fort Worth roofers about the roof designs that are the most common and the most popular in the Fort Worth area:

  • Solar reflectivity – to be able to reflect the sun’s radiant heat instead of absorbing it, you need to use either a metal roof on your property or material coated with special substances to enhance the roof’s reflectivity;
  • Colors – lighter colors reflect solar heat more efficiently than darker hues. The most efficient color in this respect is evidently white, able to reflect 75%, while dark colored roofs can reflect only about 20% of the sun’s radiant heat;
  • Roof ventilation – air being a very poor heat conductor, the thickness of the layer of air trapped between the surface of the roof and the roof deck underneath is also very important. Modern roofs nowadays use a technology called above-sheathing ventilation (ASV) that allows hot air that would otherwise accumulate in the roofing materials to dissipate, thus reducing the heat that reaches into the building. Roofing design that uses ASV is especially beneficial in hot areas like Fort Worth.
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