Preparing Your Home in Texas for the Storm Damage Season

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Fort Worth Roofing Contractors

Texas being located on the Tornado Alley, the frequency of extreme storms in the area increase during the stormy season between the end of spring and early summer. Many of the major storms recorded in the area appeared out of the blue, with the sky and the air being calm and quite one minute, windy and rainy the next. This also means that when a major storm hits, there is no time to prepare for it – to be able to survive extreme Texas weather with as little damage as possible, your property needs to be prepared for hurricanes and tornadoes all the time.

caution heavy rain potential storm damage to buildings


According to storm damage repair commercial roofers in Fort Worth here are a few the things you can do to weather-proof your home:

  • Insulate your attic and your basement – most storms are associated with heavy rain, one of the most severe type of damage sustained by buildings in Texas being water damage. Properly insulated attics and basements are less sensitive to this type of damage, so make sure you apply a suitable layer of insulating material on the top and on the bottom of your home;
  • Fix leaks – a leaking roof, doors and windows that don’t seal properly are more sensitive to storm damage, so fix them as soon as you can;
  • Get hurricane shutters to protect your windows;
  • Install leaf guards on your gutters to make sure the pipes are able to direct water away from the walls and from the roof even when debris comes with the wind.