A yard with trees is a beautiful yard, and the trees also bring many other benefits. However, under the threat of hail or wind storms, they can become a danger to your home, if you do not take into account a few essential details.

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Caring for the trees on your property is necessary for their well-being as well as for your and your home`s safety. You certainly do not want tree branches to fall off your roof or break a window, or an unstable tree to fall over your car parked in the yard.

A local Fort Worth roofing contractor, along with many landscapers in the area, assert that you can prevent all this with a little care and by taking some safety measures at the right time, which mostly refer to grooming the trees. It is also important to know how to identify the signs of an unstable tree.

  • A crack or hole in the tree`s trunk is a sign of weakness in its structure, so a storm or blizzard can turn it into a danger. The tree must be cut down if the hole in its trunk is large. If you still do not want to sacrifice it, make sure that by falling it cannot cause material or human damage.
  • If you dig around the base of the trunk and find termites, this is another indicator that the tree is likely unstable.
  • Last but not least, the age of the tree is also a criterion to determine it is a danger to the house.
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