Safety Tips for Working on a Roof

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Roofing

Fort Worth roofing contractor

Falls are the main cause of death and construction injuries, and roofers account for almost 25% of all those that lost their lives as a result of falls from a height, being by the most affected category of workers. Any fall from a roof will inevitably cause at least one serious injury. The risks are appreciable, regardless of the duration of the work. Many of the people who lost their lives were to be on the roof for a few minutes, “just taking a look” or making a small repair.

General safety tips for working on a roof include:

  • Avoiding as much as possible to work at height
  • If working on the roof cannot be avoided, use adequate equipment and other measures designed for falls prevention.
  • If the risk of falling cannot be eliminated, use equipment to reduce the distance and implicitly the consequences of a possible fall.

Risk assessment is required for all roofing work. Simple jobs can be relatively easy to evaluate. However, more complex works will have to be evaluated in more detail. An esteemed Fort Worth roofing contractor that follows fall safety protocol reminds us that it is important to remember that roofing work is generally dangerous and that it is extremely important to identify risks before starting work, and to develop and implement appropriate precautionary measures and working procedures.

It is also totally contraindicated to carry out work in weather conditions that could endanger the health and safety of workers.