Safety Tips for Working on a Roof

by | Nov 29, 2020 | Fort Worth Roofing Contractors

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Access to the roof can be risky, especially when done from outside the building. However, even when climbing from the inside, safety tips must be respected especially in the case of fragile old buildings or buildings under construction.

When accessing the roof from the exterior of the building, the least workers can do is to install a secure, well-fixed ladder – although this measure is only efficient in the case of low buildings. It is much safer to install access scaffolding or scaffold towers.

The protection of the roof edges in areas with high risk of falling must be done using railings that are at least 95 cm tall. Additionally, if there is a frequent risk of falling materials, a parapet and a protective roof are necessary. Railings and parapets will be installed so that there is never a gap bigger than 40-50 cm.

No less important are the work platforms, from which you can work safely. In many cases, these are not necessary, but there are exceptional situations: steep slopes, chimney works, etc.

Work platforms are also important for Fort Worth roofers, allowing them to work safely. They are not necessary all the time, but there are exceptional situations: steep slopes, chimney works etc.

Whenever roof edge protection systems are not sufficient, or cannot be installed, roofers must chose other options: safety nets or soft landing surfaces but also personal fall arrest systems, such as harnesses, which can also reduce the severity of a potential accident.