Spring Maintenance for Your Fort Worth Roof

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Roofing

Fort Worth gets mild winters, with temperatures hardly ever dropping under zero degrees centigrade, but even so, roofs need to be properly maintained if they are to withstand the much harsher weather of the upcoming summer – here are a few things that you should do on roof in spring:

  • Cleaning – debris, such as leaves, twigs and dust tend to accumulate on roofs over winter, so it is recommended to clean your roof and your gutters thoroughly.
  • Inspection – when the roof is clean, it is time to perform a detailed inspection of the roof to see whether you have any cupped or otherwise damaged shingles, cracked tiles and to check the gutters for any signs of damage as well.
  • Check the flashing around the chimneys and the roof vents as well and repair any cracks that you find or call a roofer to fix the problems.
  • Check the chimneys for cracks and make sure you repair them in time.
  • Check for loose fascia or other components that need to be re-fastened.

roofer walking and inspecting roof

If you don’t feel comfortable working at heights, call a local roofer to inspect your roof and to handle the cleaning and the necessary repair work – talented commercial roofers Fort Worth experts provide affordable and professional roof maintenance services for your business that guarantee all the problems are detected and fixed in a timely manner.