A Fort Worth roofing contractor will likely recommend a whole host of different materials for your new roof. Depending on whether you need to install a flat or sloped roof, the materials will differ greatly, and they can also differ depending on the budget that you have at your disposal.

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Some of the best materials for both residential and commercial flat roofs include metal, EPDM, TPO and various single ply roofs. These will be provided along with high end coatings designed to protect against rain, hail and UV radiation. As for sloped residential roofing, metal is also a good option, but there is also slate and concrete tile roofing, as well as composite asphalt shingle roofing available as a lower budget option.

Each of these roofing materials have their own advantages and drawbacks. Metal, for instance, needs more advanced coating to protect the material from rusting. However, it’s also fire-resistant, impact-resistant and able to withstand the test of time for many decades. On the other hand, composite asphalt is less durable and higher maintenance, but its appearance is unique, and it won’t be as affected by humidity and rain.

With each roofing material having its own pros and cons, you have to rely on top Fort Worth roofing companies to advise you on which materials to choose and why. They’ll be able to quickly help you out in finding the most suitable materials for your project and getting work underway to replace your old roof.

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