If you are currently planning a major roof repair project or you need partial or complete roof installation, you probably want to make sure that your Fort Worth roofer is completely trustworthy. Here are a few tips for finding a contractor that is reliable, indeed:

  • Prepare a list with candidates – carry out a simple query online to find local roofing websites and ask everyone you know whether they have previous experience with any roofing contractor;

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  • Verify reputation using multiple sources – try to find out as much as you can about the roofers on your list. Roofing websites are great sources of information that you can use to find out about the experience, the portfolio and the qualifications of potential contractors, but it is a good idea to check forums where people rate Fort Worth roofing contractors as well as the websites of professional organizations to find out if there are any complaints submitted for the roofer you think of choosing;
  • Check manufacturer designations – the manufacturer of the roofing material that you are planning to use has a list of approved roofers who have received training on how to use specific materials and have been approved by the manufacturer;
  • Personal contact – when you contact suitable candidates, ask them to show you their licenses, certificates and qualification and ask about their liability insurance as well.
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