If you watch TV, you’ve probably seen countless times how scary footage of a tornado can be. In some cases, a tornado’s powerful winds can rip the roof right off a house and fling it hundreds of feet into the air. Fortunately, tornadoes are not that common everywhere. However, strong winds can still do a number on your roof, and you have to be aware of the potential damage that they can cause.

One of the first things to remember is that your shingles or tiles are small, individual pieces that can sometimes be dislodged. Depending on how exposed they are and how well they are fastened into place, they can withstand even stronger winds, but it’s not uncommon that, during a powerful storm, the wind would rip off part of a shingle or even the entire element.Fort Worth roofing contractor repairs storm damaged roofs

Strong winds can also dislodge your gutter and, along with it, part of your flashing as well as a few shingles. The gutter system is typically made up of lightweight metal, so this isn’t always a big surprise.

Finally, if a stronger wind hits a nearby tree, it’s common for its branches to brush against your home’s roof and damage some of the shingles. As a result, it might be best to check on the length of the branches and trim them down occasionally, so you can prevent any resulting damage in such a situation.

A Fort Worth roofing contractor adept in storm damage repairs will tell you to schedule annual inspections to ensure your roof is in tip top shape year round. Immediately call for a roofing inspection after a storm to make necessary repairs asap.

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