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A home is a major investment, so keeping the roof clean will save you money in the long run. Eventually, Gloeocapsa magma (which is the name of roof algae that causes the formation of black spots on its surface) will begin to grow on almost all roofing materials. Unfortunately, it spreads very quickly and grows on any surface that is capable of retaining moisture. On most roofs, it starts near the gutter line, because that area retains moisture, especially when not regularly cleaned.

Autumn is a season in which, above all, cleaning the roof is necessary, especially because of the leaves that accumulate in the gutter, favoring the formation of moisture and sometimes even clogging them and preventing the correct drainage of rain water.

To avoid these problems, a few simple operations are required. First of all, at this time of year, the roof should be cleaned more often than usual. Leaves and other debris can be removed with a soft brush. But pay attention to the security measures necessary for working at height! Platinum Preferred Fort Worth roofers can inspect, clean, and repair your roof annually to keep it in the best shape possible to protect your home.

Another option that will help you keep your gutters clean longer is the installation of gutter guards.Finally yet importantly, if the roof has been affected by algae or mold, it should be cleaned using a special detergent and a low pressure washer.

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