The Most Popular Texas Roof Designs

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Home Services

Fort Worth roofing company

Texas is a large state that encompasses a variety of climates ranging from arid and semi-arid to subtropical and the area is also frequently affected by extreme weather events, such as tropical storms and tornadoes. The special climate conditions require building owners to make smart choices in terms of roofing style – here are the designs and materials used by Fort Worth roofing company experts that work best in the Lone Star State:

  • Cool roofs – a cool roof is one that reflects more solar heat and absorbs less than more conventional roofs. The higher reflectivity can be achieved with special, reflective coatings applied on the surface of the roof, with light-colored roofing materials or with special, reflective shingles, tiles and sheets;
  • Low-sloping roofs – roofs that are almost flat (no roof is ever completely flat) are especially popular in storm-prone areas. Made from metal sheets, modified bitumen membranes, polyurethane foam or rolled out asphalt sheets, these low-sloping structures can efficiently withstand high winds and excessive rain and the surfaces can also be treated with reflective coating to improve the roof’s thermal performance;
  • Sloping roofs made from weather-resistant and energy-efficient materials – pitched roofs are also very popular in Texas, but to make the most of your Texas roof, you need to use energy-efficient materials, such as clay or cement tiles or slate.