The Types of Flat Residential Roofing Roofers in Fort Worth Would Recommend

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Roofing

A flat roof is designed to meet safety and stability requirements to cope with increasingly severe weather circumstances, aging factors caused by the sun and pollution, and normal wear and tear.

An esteemed Fort Worth roofing company often recommends single-ply membranes for covering flat roofs due to their incredible strength and durability.

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Single-ply PVC membrane is arguably the most popular. Flat roofs covered with PVC membranes are particularly resistant, with a minimum breaking point exceeding the required standard. Seams are welded with warm air to form a waterproof weave. The welds are actually even stronger than the material itself! Most PVC membranes, especially white ones, are also energy efficient because they reflect the sun’s rays and do not absorb heat.

EPDM or rubber roof is probably the most durable membrane, with special elastic properties and resistance in any condition. The only downside is its dark color, which makes it absorb heat, thus not suitable for warm areas with a lot of sun. However, this property can be improved by applying a layer of white liquid coating.

TPO is another single-ply roof membrane that chemically binds rubber, ethylene, and propylene, as well as numerous fillers. TPO roofs have developed significantly since their introduction in the early 1990s. It is now said that TPO offers the best of EPDM and PVC together.