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Hailstorms are strong forces of nature that often come with large ice balls. While it is true that not all hail damage can be prevented, there is a lot that you can do to reduce the risk of severe roof damage when the next hailstorm hits:

  • Install an impact-resistant roof – roofing material manufacturers have developed lots of impact-resistant products that are highly recommended for hail-prone areas. These materials are meticulously tested for impact resistance as well as for wind-resistance;
  • Keep your roof in good condition at all time – regular roof inspections and roof cleaning is the best way to catch any issue that might weaken your roof, making it more vulnerable to hail. If the inspections reveal any faults, in demand Fort Worth roofing contractors urge you to address them in a timely manner, before the next hailstorm;
  • Pay attention to your gutters and downspouts – hailstorms are usually accompanied by heavy rain as well, so you will need a perfectly functional drainage system to direct all that water away safely. Clean and inspect your gutters regularly to make sure they are not clogged and that they are fastened properly;
  • Remove weakened tree limbs – if you have large trees, inspect and maintain them regularly to prevent any damage caused by tree limbs torn off and dropped on the roof.
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