Tips How to Prepare Your Roof for Spring Storms

by | Mar 27, 2021 | Roofing

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When the weather turns fair again in spring, it is time to start property maintenance. The process should include the roof and the gutters as well, especially in geographical regions with a high incidence of spring storms. Here is how to prepare your roof for the upcoming stormy spring:

  • Remove the debris that has accumulated over winter – sweep the roof to remove any dust, leaves, twigs and other dirt that has gathered on the roof, then, when the roof surface is clean, do the same with the gutter pipes and the downspouts to restore their ability to direct water away from the roof and from the building;
  • Check for damage – Schedule a roofing inspection with a leading Fort Worth roofing company to look at every inch of the roof and of the gutters to detect any fault. They will look for damaged roof covering elements, cracked flashing, gutters that are loose or have cracks or holes, cracked flashing and clogged or damaged vents;
  • Do the repairs right away – fix the issues detected to restore the roof’s strength before the next storm;
  • Trim the trees around your building – weakened tree limbs can be torn off and dropped onto the roof by high winds. Cut off every branch that seems dead or weak to prevent such accidents.