When it comes to a new roof installation, materials are chosen according to different criteria, one of the most important being the local climate and environment.

There are specific roofing needs in Texas, considering the amount of sunshine that buildings must endure, as well as the shifts in temperature. In such conditions, building owners should opt for roofing materials, get more info here https://www.fortworthroofing.net/, designed for warm climates that take reflect sunlight and provide adequate protection and energy efficiency.

Top Texas roofing materials include:

S Tiles

S tiles are a rather common material, similar with terra cotta tiles. They allow proper air circulation, can be made of different materials and painted white, to increase their reflective potential. Air circulation and reflectivity create significant energy efficiency.

Metal roofing

A metal roof is reflective due to the properties of the metal, so it needs no additional coating options. This type of roofing is more expensive than the common asphalt shingles, but less expensive than tile roofing; at the same time, it is very resistant, durable, weatherproof, and can be insulated properly to also be soundproof.

Solar panels

This modern and green solution is great for Texas buildings, because it collects the natural energy of the sun creating cost-free energy to use, and also preserves the integrity of the roof beneath.

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