Trends in Roofing

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Fort Worth Roofing Contractors

In 2020, France will have the largest farm in the world, on a green roof. In Germany, Stuttgart, the sixth largest, is considered already the “green roof of Europe”, while in Singapore, green roofs have begun to appear on top of the buses too.

In North America, green roofs are increasingly present on commercial buildings, being accessible to everyone. Recently, San Francisco has created a policy that requires new buildings to have green roofs. Toronto, another charming city, has had policies related to this trend since the 1990s, encouraging the concept of urban roof farms.

Green roofs are an integrative element in urban-ism, and this year the Financial Times included them in the top 6 trends identified by developers, investors, experts and real estate agents, who model residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

If so far we have mentioned more the commercial buildings, we should not neglect residential buildings with green roofs. Although having a green house is still quite expensive, more and more people are adopting this concept, at least partially, due to the awareness of climate change. In the UK, an “ethical house” (with a green roof) is more sustainable and becomes a symbol of social status. It should be mentioned that such residential buildings also has solar panels.

This is the future we want to live in, so talk to an environmentally conscious Fort Worth roofing company about green roof opportunities in your area.

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