Types of Materials Used for Flashing in Fort Worth Roofing

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Construction

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There are many details that can make or break your roofing system, and the type of materials that are used for flashing is one of them. With the help of well regarded commercial roofers in Fort Worth, you can decide on the best type of flashing for your roof, ensuring its long life and protecting your house for many years to come.

The fact is water infiltration can happen when several types of materials are mixed. Flashing stands for a thin material which is used in order to offer protection against humidity, not allowing water to get inside your roof.

There can be two types of flashing, namely the exterior one, which is also known as the exposed flashing, and the interior flashing, which is also known as the concealed one. There should be internal flashing in other parts of the house, not just the roof, such as window sills, heads of windows or doors, and so on.

Among the various types of materials which are used for flashing, we could mention copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel, plastic, lead and aluminum. There can be some cases in which a combination of these materials is used, such as galvanized steel which is covered with bitumen. The concealed flashing is made of waterproof materials.