Although winters in Texas are rather mild and you can typically enjoy sunshine and temperatures around 10°C during the day, at night there are cooling breezes lowering temperatures below 0°C. The amount of precipitation is low, therefore snow accumulation is rare.

In this context, roofs in Texas still have to withstand some common winter problems, such as condensation, ice and winter storms.


This phenomenon occurs frequently, when warm and moist air meets a colder surface and can be avoided by installing adequate attic insulation and ensuring proper roof ventilation.

Ice Dams and icicles

Allowing ice to form on a roof is dangerous. First, because the upper section of the roof is typically warmer causing the thawing of ice. The resulting water will flow down the roof but will likely freeze again through the lower sections of the roof, creating ice dams that are particularly damaging, having the potential to cause water leaks throughout the cold season, and weakening the roofing structure.

Icicles are another unwanted consequence of the freeze-thaw cycles, posing a danger to people passing through the eves, as well as to parked cars, in-case they start falling.

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Hail Damage

Texas hailstorms are pretty common during the cold season. They may cause fractures to roof shingles, as well as to other components such as gutters and downspouts, reducing their lifespan or making them prone to immediate replacement. Make sure to call commercial roofers Fort Worth businesses recommend immediately after a storm passes through the area. They will inspect and repair damages to ensure no further building damage occurs.