All roofing materials are created to provide enduring protection from the elements, but not all of them are warranted for the same period – here are some details about the lifespan you can expect from the most common roofing materials:

  • Asphalt – asphalt roll roofs as well as the roofs that use asphalt shingles are affordable and reliable solutions. The lifespan of roll roofs is usually in the 5-10 years range, while shingles can last for up to 25 years;
  • Metal – this increasingly popular roofing material is also affordable and comes with lots of extra benefits, such as quick and easy installation and resistance to water and fire. With proper maintenance, metal roofs can easily last for over half a century without requiring any major repairs;
  • Clay tiles – this traditional and all-natural material is also one of the most durable roofing solutions. Though not very cheap, your clay tiles can stay on your building for around 100 years;
  • Slate – made from natural stone, slate roofs are the longest-lived and the most attractive of all roofing solutions. The material is quite expensive and special expertise is required for the installation, but slate roofs last for over a century without any major issues.

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